Since 2016, The Brasiles Ensemble has always taken pride in being kind to the environment.

  • Our costumes are almost exclusively created from garments carefully collected from local thrift stores— mainly from That Nothing Be Lost Thrift Store at Graymoor in Garrison. We can highly recommend this wonderful shop– four floors of thrifting heaven!
  • Some of our small percussion instruments have come from local estate sales— mainly from Hudson Valley Estate Works in Cold Spring. This business has had spectacular sales over the years and we have been fortunate enough to score some wonderful additions to our instrument collection.
  • We carpool as often as we can to commute to performances.
  • We try our best to do as much online as we can to avoid using too much paper.
  • As for props, we try to reuse items year after year and keep them in storage between performances. Again, most of our props come to us secondhand.
  • Before “Covid-times”, we would have receptions after our concerts using washable cloth table cloths, reusable or compostable plates, napkins and cups and serving small foods on reusable platters or trays and beverages, preferably poured from glass containers.

Currently, our group is growing with new members, including more vocalists, instrumentalists and other related artists. As a result, we now feel the need to add this wishlist tab in order to expand our searches for items that may be a little more specific to our concert necessities. Below is our current wishlist of items that people may no longer have a use for and wouldn’t mind donating to our group. This wishlist may allow us to offer more and more authentic productions using items that will enhance our costumes, props, music library or instrument collection, etc.

Please look the list over and don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you have something that might work for us. You can email us with a description and/or photos of what you wish to donate at thebrasilesensemble@gmail.com. Please note that while we would love to accept whole collections of items, we have a very small storage space, so we are forced to be a bit controlled on how much we can accept at one time.

We REALLY appreciate your thoughtful donations!


fabricpreferably for formal contemporary evening gowns or period evening gowns from the Renaissance, Baroque or Victorian eras — tulle netting, chiffon, taffeta, antique satins, velvet, velveteen, cloqué, lamé, organdy, organza, voile, brocade, damask, jacquard, sateen, tapestry

vintage clothing for period costuming piecessolid colored pants in heavy fabrics, (excluding corduroy,) large vests for men, large frilly shirts for men, long evening gowns, brocade or textured tights for women in any color, ruffled collar attachments-aka “dickie” collars or throat dickies, long velvet skirts, 1960’s and 1970’s patterned dresses/skirts, blouses and shirts

ribbon all types — no shorter in length than 3 feet, though we tend to use a lot of ribbon with metallic gold or silver fibers woven in

lace large and small — no shorter in length than 3 feet – scalloped or straight, cream or white

trimball fringe, bead fringe, braided border tapes, braided cords, tassels, frog closures, piping cords,

beads / sequinsloose jewel beads, small and large sequins, crystal beads of various sizes, beaded lace, rhinestones, sequin paillettes

vintage buttonslarge metal, large pearl or even large wooden ones

junk jewelrybrooches and other pins, loose jewels, rings, necklaces, jeweled shoe buckles, teardrop jewel or pearl earrings, beads, chains, hat pins, tiaras/crowns, other hair pieces, pearls, cameo velvet chokers or pendant necklaces

sheet musicvocal only – preferably classical sacred, Renaissance or Baroque

colored printing paper letter size only

instrumentsparticularly percussion — claves, axatse, hi-hat, bombo, temple blocks, bendir, bells, güiro, finger cymbals, small tamourines, rhythm sticks, jingle sticks, tabor