We Are Having Such a Groovy Time!!

And now… for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.37.21 PM

We are excited to be preparing for our upcoming performance at Jazz Forum in Tarrytown as part of the Sleepy Hollow Literary Festival on May 18th, 2019! For more details click on the direct link below.

Expressive Words ~ A Celebration of Poetry

Yes, we are a known as a group of classical vocalists, but we are eager to show off our versatility with this new program of somewhat tweaked classical pieces all the way to some funky soul! We have some surprises for our audience that we cannot wait to share! Below are some of the psychedelic shots from our recent groovy photo shoot! We have plenty more to reveal soon!

Photography by Clay Scales
Photo editing by Madeleine DeNitto
©2019 Scales/DeNitto Photos are property of The Brasiles Ensemble

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