Friends of The Brasiles Ensemble

Please hold hands with us whenever you can…

As we are beginning to grow with new members joining us in special events and performances, we find our group needing a bit of outside assistance with various tasks. We list the most crucial tasks below in hopes to find several willing “friends” to come forth and help out from time to time. This is our initial list, which is a work-in-progress. If we think of more tasks to list, we will add them immediately.

  • selling tickets – when there are tickets or donations being sold/accepted at the door
  • ushering – when a concert may be in need of someone helping people to their seats or we need people passing out programs when people enter a venue
  • selling ads – at times when we need to defer costs in printing up programs
  • sewing – whenever we might need a hand with designing or repairing costumes
  • construction – if ever we need special sets or props in the future
  • sharing social media posts – online from your phone or computer
  • assisting with transportation and/or shifting large items to and from concerts
  • running – we may need runners to help with behind-the-scenes moments in future concerts
  • mailing – if we are finding ourselves in need of stuffing envelopes and making trips to the post office
  • selling – keeping guard over our CD sales or anything else that we might sell in the future
  • handling concessions – either for free receptions or in the case that we would ever have a cash bar that is not handled by a venue
  • making phone calls
  • manning lighting and/or sound – for future productions where one or both may be necessary
  • research – we tend to do a lot of research about composers, music, history, fashion, architecture, and even food & beverages to compliment our performances
  • special projects – we sometimes need simple tasks accomplished like gluing a photo to a display board, as an example
  • program printing service in kind

You may easily print up our official volunteer form below with just one click of the printer icon on the upper right-hand side and either mail it in or give it to us in person at our next live event. We greatly appreciate your interest and time!

**If mailing in form, here is our address: POBox 206, Garrison, NY 10524