Watch us Grow! Help us Grow!

We welcome this new year with several great announcements!


1. We hope that you will join us in celebrating our return to the stage!  In our last blog post we left off with the question “What’s in store for 2022?” We mentioned something about planning a concert at Howland Cultural Center… and that’s exactly what we are doing!

Early Music Concert & Fashion Show
Howland Cultural Center in Beacon
Sunday, June 26, 2022 ~ 4pm

Please join us for a late afternoon of Medieval, Renaissance and early Baroque pieces, complete with a bit of a “fashion show” with costumes from these eras. You will enjoy masterpieces from Purcell, Händel, Monteverdi, von Bingen, Dowland, Bach and Palestrina— just to mention some of the composers included in the program.

Speaking of Dowland, here’s an a cappella teaser of a piece that we plan to include in the concert.
Come Again

2.  We are GROWING! If you attend our June concert, one of the first things you will notice is that there are not four or five or even six of us… there are nine of us performing. You will hear an a cappella octet and you will notice that some of us are doubling up on singing and playing instruments and there may even be a moment of dancing here and there.

We are happy to announce this new growth with our extended group The Brasiles Arts Collective. The Brasiles Ensemble is honored with this growth as we begin inviting a selective group of visual, literary, dance and theatrical artists to collaborate with for very special performances throughout the Hudson Valley Region, as well as in New York City. Be sure to check out our social media pages regularly in the coming weeks and months as we begin to spotlight those who have been invited to collaborate with us. 

3. We have new tabs on our website! One in particular, the wishlist tab, is proving to help us with our June concert. Here is where we list various items that we may be in need of and if anyone has such items that they are willing to donate, we would be most appreciative! Here is the direct link: wishlist 

4. We are seeking outside assistance. Another tab that you will notice that’s ready for action is our volunteer page where you can read through multiple bullet points of what we might need physical assistance with in the future. We are happing to announce the Friends of The Brasiles Ensemble and hope that some of you will be interested to help us out ever now and then and join the fun that we have! 

A “throwback” Brasiles memory…

Here’s how we spent our time together on the afternoon of Christmas Eve in 2021, performing at the Ice Pavilion at Mohonk, complete with White Christmas Winter Wonderland of Snow!! It was a very dreamy moment, though a bit chilly, of course! We had a great audience of skaters and resort overnighters who sipped hot chocolates by the enormous fireplace next to us. It was a very memorable event! 

PHOTO -courtesy of TBE founding member, Speare Hodges ©2021

Incidentally, catch Speare’s return to singing with us on June 26th!!