Looking Ahead!

We are coming up for air from 2020 and though we are still not quite able to offer much for 2021, we are very, very busy behind the scenes as we return to regular rehearsals, administrative meetings and even some adventurous field trips to explore more venues for potential concerts in the future.

Stay tuned for more news to be announced as early as late July on our website, as well as through our Mailchimp newsletter.

The photo below is from our only live performance of 2020, as we were hired by Mohonk Mountain House to sing on weekends during the holidays at the Ice Pavilion while guests skated around the lovely outdoor rink. We were pleased to be able to offer to sing as a quartet while Kim was away. We look forward to returning to offer performances as a quintet, sextet up to an octet in 2022, if not by the end of 2021.

So, on that note… keep us alive in your thoughts as well as your inboxes as we will have more news about our fresh plans for the future!! For now, enjoy this Early music tune from our special 2019 gig in Tarrytown at Jazz Forum for what was the First Annual Sleepy Hollow Literary Festival. It is our hope that the festival will return in 2022, after being on pause from the obvious pandemic restraints. Come Again